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    Ordered 2nd cycle.... Test P/ with layout?

    Welp, just placed my order for 10,000mg of Test P and 5,000mg of Tren A.

    How long should Tren be ran? Seems to be a lot of variation. Judging from my first cycle of Test, I would like to run the Test the same length as the first (12 weeks). Should the tren be ran this long? Seems people tend to run it shorter than 12 weeks usually? I would also like to run around the same dosage of Test (400-500)

    I was thinking of running a somewhat lower dose of Tren at 50mg ED, or 100mg EOD.

    Current Stats:
    185pounds, 6'0, 24
    12% or so bodyfat
    First cycle = 400mg/week Test E & Winstrol 50mg ED (last 1/2)
    Gained 15 pounds and lost easily 2-3% bodyfat
    285 - 1 rep max bench

    Cutting cycle
    190 pounds
    8-9% BF
    defined abs

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    Run the test at 750mgs per week until you run out, and run the tren at 100mg ed for 50 days. I would personally run it at 1gram of test per week for 10 weeks and 100mgs tren ed for 50 days. But thats just me.

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    wk 1-12 Prop 75mg ED
    wk 1-10 Tren 60mg ED

    thats how I would do it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Consistency
    wk 1-12 Prop 75mg ED
    wk 1-10 Tren 60mg ED

    thats how I would do it
    Agreed...I am running 75mg prop ed alone right now. I am 2 weeks into my cycle and up a little under 10lbs. No excessive water retention noted ( I still look pretty hard). Introducing tren at the end of week 4. Good luck.

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    wk 1 - 10 Prop 75mg/ED
    wk 4 - 10 Tren 50 - 75mg/ED

    see how you respond to the Tren as it can have some nasty sides, keep it at a low dost at 1st (50mg/ED)

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    here's what i would do:

    1-12: prop @100mg/ed
    1-8: tren @75mg/ed

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seven
    Hey bro when did you notice the prop kicking in ? and hows your libido?
    I have a diary in the members cycle results forum....

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    Im running my layout like this...

    1-10 fina 75mg ed
    1-12 prop 100mg ed
    4-12 var 60mg ed

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    I have pretty much the exact same stats as you, doin a cycle very similar. Except with winny also. Changing the cycle after week four:

    Test prop: 75 mg/day
    Tren A: 50 mg/day
    Winny d: 50 mg/day

    Im goin for the same resuslts to wantin to cut up real good get rid of the tire through the mid section. I been on tren for 4 weeks at 150mg/week as well as test prop @ 300mg/week. Haven't seen hardly any sides yet. A bti more on edge but oh well.

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