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Thread: M 1-p?

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    Question M 1-p?

    (From an e-mail I received)

    The wait is over…
    METHYL 1-P
    Monster Anabolic

    Retail Pricing $79.99 Wholesale Pricing: $47.99

    You may not know this but LegalGear is the company that shook the world by FIRST releasing M1T. Don’t let our competitors bull**** you, we were the first to market and our products are known to be the best and highest quality! LegalGear is a brand that is known for innovation and quality products. I can’t tell you the countless emails stating “your M1T worked better than any other brand on the market”.

    So, everyone kept asking us “when are you going to have a replacement for M1T?” We were not about to bring out something lame like a crappy tribulus testosterone booster mix and then try to tell you it is “new and revolutionary”. That’s not our style. We don’t try to screw or fool our customers, people buying LegalGear expect something better. After so many questions, we knew we had to find something!

    We had a tough job ahead of us, find an anabolic agent that is 100% legal and builds muscle like a pro-hormone. Impossible? Not from the labs at LegalGear! This search for the perfect anabolic lead us down many paths and many areas. Sure, we could have sold out and tried to hide a “steroid ” by disguising it’s name like some other’s have done, only to get caught and forced to remove the product from the market, but we wanted to make a product that would last the ban and be available for years to come.

    The first set of compounds we looked at certainly hit the mark when it came to building muscle, but we wanted to be on the FAR side of legal, not on the edge, so we had to skip the countless unscheduled steroids that were missed by congress. We didn’t want to sell anything that was even remotely edgy, but still gave AWESOME results.
    We had to find something that built muscle, but didn’t cross the legal line…

    The law reads:

    “(A) The term `anabolic steroid' means any drug or hormonal substance, chemically and pharmacologically related to testosterone (other than estrogens, progestins, corticosteroids, and dehydroepiandrosterone), and includes-- “

    That left us without the “luxury” of trying to skirt the law by bringing out anything related to testosterone or other androgens like some other’s have done. (we personally want to stay out of jail) So, instead of trying to cheat the law, we decided to see what Congress left us. Estrogens? Nope, that wouldn’t work, although we did find one estrogen derivative that might be useful for building muscle (it’s not active as an estrogen though). Corticosteroids? Nah, they have a lot of uses, but building muscle wasn’t one we found. DHEA? Well, I think the days of DHEA and muscle building sort of died in the 90’s. People know DHEA doesn’t build muscle.

    Did you know this about the Anabolic Steroid Control Act of 2004?

    Androgenic steroids and their pro-hormones can be scheduled at any time! All the government has to do is announce on the Federal Registry that a new pro-hormone or steroid is being scheduled and you will now be carrying and inventorying a Class III scheduled drug? Selling and distributing such a drug is a HIGHY PUNNISHABLE OFFENSE, much less just carrying such an item. We decided not to skirt the law and jeopardize jail time by being ********** instead of just releasing another steroid or precursor. Not sure about you, but I am too old to do jail time… Do you know how to read the Federal Registry? I don’t…
    That left us one choice…
    Progestins! How do progestins build muscle you ask? Well, not any old progestin will do, you have to look long and hard for the “right” progestin. Our search for a progestin capable of building HUGE MUSCLE and without ANY side effects took months! We scoured the literature and found a progestin that is used in AIDS patients to prevent muscle wasting! This was a decent find, but we were not satisfied to give you just the bare minimum that nature has to offer. We looked harder and found a metabolite of the progestin used in those AIDS wasting studies that was even MORE potent at building muscle! Don’t forget that the MOST POTENT steroids on the market are ACTUALLY PROGESTINS TOO! Things like Mibolerone (Cheque Drops ), Trenbolone (Fina), Nandrolone (Deca ), and Anadrol are steroids but ALSO PROGESTINS!
    Even a better muscle builder than many illegal steroids...
    By finding the right progestin, we were able to deliver a totally legal muscle monster that is even more active than many illegal steroids. It’s more potent that many of the favorite illegal anabolics on the black market. We then added in our nutrient partitioning agents and we had a winner capable of building 10 lbs of mass in 2 weeks!
    Finally, we added our special methyl delivery system and the most POTENT LEGAL ANABOLIC was born!!!
    Only LEGALGEAR can give you the OMNIPOTENT M 1-P, the only LEGAL choice for people wanting to build serious mass.

    Now M1t was well known to work, but claiming a legal supplement is more powerful then steroids
    Anyone seen this stuff and have a take on it?

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    Legalgear is crap imo

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    hmmm looks very interesting.

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    this is pretty good info on m1p. just skim through and read what legalgear says

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