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    quick nolv question

    right im starting my 3 rd cycle
    prop weeks 1-15 100 mg ed
    eq weeks 1-12 600mg
    var @60 mg weeks 8-15

    clomid and nolv for pct

    on test e i bloated alot, grow extra chins too lol

    ive chose prop for this reason as it holds less water, would adding 10 mg nolv ed through out cycle help out with any bloat??? as you can tell from my cycle its a clean bulker, i m not sure if 10 mg ed of nolv will hinder any gains either

    sugeestion s please

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    if youre not gyno prone it should be sufficiant enough. it doesnt hinder gains, in case of gyno symptoms up the dose.
    personally i like to ad 25 mg of proviron .


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