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    Extending my current cycle

    I'm on a planned 10 weeker, 500mg test-e with dbol kick start.

    I am thinking about running test for an extra 2 or 3 weeks. However, my supplier ran out of iran test, but he's offering me some UG test-e. They are 300mg/ml

    Is it a good idea to bump up the dosage of test slightly 600mg toward the end of a cycle? or maybe even bump it up to 900mg (EOD shots). I want to extend it for another 3 weeks or so. What's the longest time peroid most people can run test without running into any problems?

    Will this have a negative impact on PCT?

    PCT is starndard nolva/clomid/l-dex

    I'd love to hear some responses
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    600mgs per week would be fine. Don't go to 900mg it would be wasteful and a negative impact on your next cycle.

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