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    Spot injections for size?

    Is their any type of steroid that will help grow a specific muscle such as forarms by spot injections?

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    Not a well known name.
    Spot injections are not very effective, and forearm injections are iffy at best and in no way should include those trying to get localized growth. For localized growth, there is some evidence that test suspension and other no ester steroids work to a certain extent, but it will not perform any miracles.

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    GH, IGF-1, slin, and PGF2a are about it...other than that not very likely...

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    This has been argued quite a bit. I think most of the size increase from spot injections comes from swelling and subsequent stretching of the muscle fascia which allows for slightly more muscle growth. Many very smart people have argued the other side of this coin however.

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    You may possibly get localized growth. But overall, shooting in a small muscle gives you much lower blood plasma levels of the compound you are shooting. In this chart, you'll note that 1ml of 100mgs of Nandrolone Decanoate shot in the deltoid yeilded lower blood plasma concentrations of Nandrolone by roughly 50%:

    So yes....while you may get some localized growth by shooting in small muscles...but you'll probably gain less overall growth (and ergo less gains), if you shoot in small muscles instead of large ones. In the end, the having more of the drug in your blood will probably give you greater overall gains (and thus even greater gains even in your small muscles, compared to spot-injecting).

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    I highly belive in spot injection for stretching the fascia and promotes growth.
    Laege oil volume and perfect injection technique is a must must.

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