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    Masteron Questions

    I have many questions about masteron b/c i have heard all types of info about it. Is oral masteron really legit masteron..and if so does it abide by the same characteristics as the injectable? I have found a legit source in UK that has oral masteron 50mg, but from readin previous posts i dont want to buy a fake.
    What do you recommend to take: I am 6"3 225.. 8% body fat, i would like to harden my muscles and get the ripped shrdeed look... and add muscle..not too much though....and i would like the detection time to be under 2months...what do you recommend?

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    I heard it wasn't really materone, they put something else in the tabs.

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    mestanolone - 17alpha methyl-DHT. this is what is in ** oral masteron . it is supposed to be pretty good for cutting.

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