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    Help with first course

    I am going do 500mg of Test Enethate a week for 10-12 weeks
    I understand you have to Run Nolva and clomid with this course.
    I was just wandering what is Nolva and clomid, where I can get these products and how much they cost and how much I should take.


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    CrispyHaole is offline Associate Member
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    click on the word clomid and you will also notice tamox which is nolva.

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    Feb 2005
    josh you need to do alot of research before doing any AAS. you obviously lack of knowledge about AAS. stick around,read(read sticky threads),and when you get enough of knowledge THEN you can start thinking about aas

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    You don't have to run Nolva, some people do just to be safe, some do only if needed. However, clomid is a must post cycle. If you have a look at the PCT forum, you can learn a lot more about nolva/clomid.

    Good luck.


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    U found a exremely useful site full of great information, do your homework
    and you'll be happier an the end of your cycle....

    Im on here daily...just reading

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