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    Help needed with first cycle

    I'm getting ready to start my first cycle and would like other people's opinions on what i should go for. I've been fitness training most of my life, and started weight lifting just over a year ago.
    I'm 22yrs old
    6ft tall
    10% fat

    Although i have read alot of the posts on the forum, i know i still need to do some further research before my first cycle begins.
    Hopefully you can help point me in the right direction.

    For my first cycle i was thinking of taking:

    Dianabol --------- 20mg per day for first 4 weeks
    Primobolan Depot - 100mg 1st week
    200mg 2nd and 3rd week
    300mg 4th and 5th week
    200mg 6th and 7th week
    100mg 8th week
    Nolvadex -------- 10mg per day during cycle
    Then Clomid PCT (although still unsure of dosage)

    Is this cycle any good or am i way off the mark?
    I'm most greatful of any advice you may have.

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    I would change the primo to test e 250 to 500 mg a week

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    Quote Originally Posted by nvr2bigsnd
    I would change the primo to test e 250 to 500 mg a week
    Me too...try a test only cycle for your first cycle.

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