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    Will Clenbuterol Help Me

    Hey all, I'm prettty new here. I did a search on the topic and need some help on Clenbuterol . My bf is around 12.5% at 5,9 185lbs. a decent build, pretty lean but always room for improvment. I starting taking Hydroxycut (I know probably a waste of money) but I am thinking of Clen instead. I really don't want to lose alot of size and weight, maybe like 5-8 lbs. Just really want to get RIP and get that wash board stomach. Should I take it, if so for how long and how much a day. Will it help with the stomach. Yes, I started a cleaner diet, cardio, and working abs harder just need faster and easier results. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks Guys.
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    Read this thread. It should have about everything you will need to know.

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    diet and cardio are really the most important things to getting ripped. Read the clen profile in the previous thread, its got good info. Start with a low dose 20-40mcg and work your way up. I wont take it anymore, it sends my resting heart rate way too high, about 115-120 bpm!!

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