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    end of cycle help..

    hey guys, my 1st cycle has been going great except for these last 2 weeks, i got an in fection and got pretty sick, so for the last 2 weeks ive been home and in bed. i got better as of a day ago and should be back in the gym this weekend. the last shot i took was 2 weeks ago, so i am at a crossoroad. my cycle was this..

    test e 1 - 12 500mg
    deca 1 - 11 300mg
    d-bol 1 - 4


    now im up to week 10 and i have a new bottle of test e which i can get 5 weeks out of, can i extend my test e so i can finish the bottle or no? how would this efect me from going to 12 weeks to 14 weeks? i have PCT ready. or should i stop now b/c ive been off for 2 weeks and start PCT? or just finish the 12 weeks and MABY use the rest for my 2nd cycle?? But i dont think i would use it in my cycle cycle so it would just be money down the drain thats why im thinking of extending it.

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    Well...Im no expert. Having said that...

    U are at a crossroad I guess. If your last shot of test
    was 2 weeks ago, now would be the time to start PCT...if U chose that route.

    I'll bump this for U

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