So I'm about midway through a pretty successful bulking cycle, but a couple of days ago I hurt my elbows while doing some work around the house. They didn't feel too bad at the time, but when I started lifting the next day they hurt like hell. It feels like something that should get better with just a few days rest (I hope), but I'm wondering what I should be doing in the mean time. I've continued my dosages as before (500mg/wk test C, 400mg/wk Deca , 40mg/day Dbol , for anyone who's interested) and I'm thinking maybe I should cut back my caloric intake a bit to compensate for the decrease in activity. I'm still doing some light lifting to keep my muscles somewhat active and I'm considering swimming for about a half hour a day until I can get back on the heavy weights. Anyone have any suggestions or stories of similar experiences? Thanks.