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Thread: Winny questions

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    Winny questions

    Aight i have winny pills and i was wondering if they would be good to take by themselves. I have test enthanate but it want be out my system fast enough. I was wondering how many i should take a day or week and if i would see any gains. Currently im about 6'5 250 and im tryin to get big and lean so any help would help.

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    You know the system admin. has a steroid cleanse kit out. It's supposed to clean you out in 5 days.

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    Canada Ehh...
    I would not recommend a winny only. it will shut down natural test production.
    most people take 50mg/day so how many pills you take will depend on the dosage/pill.
    gains from winny are small, it is mostly used as a hardener. if your bf% is on the high side you probaly wont see much results at all. if this is your first cycle I would try this:
    week 1 to 12 500mg test split 2x/week
    week 7 to 12 50mg winny/day
    week 1 to 12 10mg nolvadex /day
    start pct 2 weeks after last shot of test (clomid & nolva)
    it is a good biginner cycle that will give lean gains. If you are worried about water bloat
    you could toss in some liquidex.

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