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Thread: cutting up

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    Question cutting up

    im 6'3'', 300 lbs. im not new to the gym or busting my ass, but im looking for something to get me motivated and cut. its really hard for me to keep motivated on cardio and not free wights. is there anything i can take to drop like 30-50lbs soon so i could do some deca??
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    You don't have to drop the weights just becuase you want to cut up man!!!
    And first and foremost you need to make sure that your diet is in check. Once you get it under control and get yourself mentally prepared...research Clen , T3, ECA stacks. Cutting...well...dropping 30-50 lbs "soon" isn't going to be easy no matter what you do, especially if you want to be healthy about it. DO some research man...look at diets and read up on cutting before you just go taking some "magic weight loss" supplement!

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