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    Denkall or QV anavar?

    Hey guys just wanted to know your opinions on denkall vs. Qv as far as anavar goes. I can also get all the other mexican brands. Thanks.

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    well...i've taken anavar in the past but not either of those 2. honestly...QV should be cheaper than the denkall so i would go witht he QV. they are both top notch companies so i would not say that one is better than the other. at this point...i would say that you should go with the cheaper of the 2 being that you will need a lot of var and it is expensive.

    also...just a side not...don't know how acurate this info is but i have read on a few boards that QV may actually be a spinoff company of denkall. sort of like lexus and toyota. thius would explain why they are both top notch.

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