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    how reliable are UGL

    Are these UGL's that people have told me probably make the sustonan350 i saw safe? is it like Belco a big legit company apposed to somone making it in their basement. I'm not really interested in taking something that could be contaiminated and im pure and all the probelms that come w/ that stuff. Should i go for it?

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    Depends on the UGL bro.

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    Obvously there is some risk associated with using a UGL versus your local pharmacy, risks include:

    - Getting an inaccurate amount of the hormone (some have lab tests available and routinely overdose their gear... which can be good or bad)
    - Getting pourly cared-for gear (dirty facilities, improper storage)
    - Substituting a less expensive hormone and selling it as the more expensive compound (selling Primobolan that is actually nandrolone )
    - Getting ripped off or "taken" (What are you going to do? Call the Better Business Bureau)
    - They turn scammer and you never hear from them again
    - They get in legal issues with your info on their computers - ask to make sure your info is immediatley deleted, shredded or burned.

    If you know the company is legit with a lot of happy customers and good lab results then you can probably rest well with an order... but their are always risks in dealing with an illicit/underground source. The only sure-fire, 100 percent guarantee, totaly available product is that which you get through a legit pharmacy or the doc...

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    All great points. I would stress the point about security. If a UGL allows you as a customer to refer new people that is a red flag. You should have to be referred by a trusted person. Those trusted people should all be highly repsected memebers of the community. How they handle your information, communication, and routing of packages are also all signs to watch out for. The trick is to not get in such a hurry that you let yourself use someone that is not as secure as possible.

    On the other hand if you get multiple good feedbacks from people you trust then it can be a great way to go.

    I am running some UGL teste and eq now for the first time and I love it so far. Much smoother to inject higher concentration then normal so less volume to inject.

    Came recommended by several key people I respect, I was still nervous about using it but I am glad I gave it a try.

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