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    Can't get Dostinex for Tren cycle, am I O.K.?

    I will be running 400mg/week of Test P and 50mg ED of Tren A. I can not get dostinex. I will run some B6 if thats what everyone is suggesting. I will also be running Nolvadex ED.

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    I think B6 and I've heard good things about vitex stopping progestin gyno. I know some guys might bash it, but it's cheap enough to use along with the B6.

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    You can get dostinex. Go to PNP. But it's a bit pricey, plus you may not need it. B6 and an AI (to keep the estro down) like letro or arimidex will probably be enough. Do a search on this site regarding the effects of estrogen on prolactin. I believe you'll find that if you effectively control estro, the prolactin will take care of itself (i.e., no prolactin gyno). Good luck.

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