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    Prostate Probs?!?!?

    whats up guys? I've been off of juice for a year now, and was thinking of starting off another cycle of 25 mg dbol for 2 weeks (thats all i have), and either sust or test cyp..... so if any1 has comments on that cycle please let me know. Also ive had prostate problems in the past which have seemed to go away. Dr. of course told me a year ago to lay off the juice, does any1 think if i start again these problems will come back? also which do u prefer sust or cyp? thanks

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    I would prefer cyp over sus and If you had prostrate issues before you are more then likely to encounter them again. I would continue to consult and be monitored by your DOC

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    listen to doc

    listen to your doc, that's what he went to school for all those years.

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    Check out information on Proscar.

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