I may have jumped the gun here after reading some of the posts. Here is my situation...

I have been training over 3 years with many cycles under my belt. I injured my shoulder about a year ago and had to stop training. I was 240 5'9. After the long vactaion I have returned and have been dieting correctly with a starting weight just under 170. Over the last 2 weeks I have put on 8 pounds just from eating correctly and muscle development is already showing (honestly) I guess this may have something to do with muscle memory.

Today I started my new cycle consisting of ANA/ARA/Deca . I am somewhat in a race against time as I will be getting married in November and I want to be bigger for the wedding (and after ovcourse). Being that I am not a novice should I have waited longer to start or will the resualts of muscle memory and gear inhance the outcome or am I worse off?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, below is my developing cycle:

30days 1 ANA per day
750mg ARA split up twice weekly (375mg every 4 days) 12 weeks
600mg Deca (split twice weekly (300mb every 4 days) 10 weeks
75mg Fina after ANA for 30 days
100mg Winny after fina 30 days

Training 3 day split (6 days per week)
Eating like a horse all good foods / supplements.