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Thread: Stenox

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    I started stacking stenox from Mexico, it's made by Atlantis. I ran out of d-bol and needed something, is it any good and does anybody know haw many mg it has per pop.

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    stenox is a very good strength builder. you wont gain much weight with it, but your strength will increase greatly. also, it makes you more aggressive than you normally are. so if you get pissed off easily, this is something you do not want to take. your brand of stenox is 2.5mgs. and you want to take around 15-20 per day. i also wouldn't run it longer than 4 weeks. just use it to kickstart some strength into your cycle while you are waiting for the test to kick in.. also, i would NEVER buy anything that you don't know what it does. that is just plain not smart. you should have researched this before you bought. if not taken correctly and smartly, halo can be a very dangerous AS

    Big J

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    What did u pay in Mexico for the Atlantis Stenox????

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    it's 2.5mg/tab for atlantis stenox. how long do you plan on staying on this? how long were you on dbol for?

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    stenox is like 4 bucks for 20 pills

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