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    Advice for First Cycle

    I am 5'3 ... 155 lbs...and have been working out for 2 years straight. I am waiting on receiving dbol from a friend but i also know that taking a dbol only cycle is not good so i was wondering what to stack that with ...Im looking to get a good amount of mass which the dbol will do but i still want a good cut coming out of it ..Im just wondering what would be the best to use as this is my first cycle ...

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    if you're wanting size, dont try and get cut at the same time......very very difficult.....

    stick with test (testosterone ) or test/dbol .......with a good diet, you can put on 15-20lbs easily........

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    if this is your 1st cycle leave the dbol alone mate,all you need is 500mg test e for 10-12 weeks with proper pct after you will see great gains,aslong as your diet is in check.

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    My first cycle Was Test 400 and QV deca 300, i was doing 400mg a week on the test and 450 a week on the deca for six weeks and i gained 25 pounds and only lost 5 of it when I came off.

    im not an expert but i would'nt try an oral for your first time, I would start off with small doses of injectable and then work your way up from there so you can kinda get your body use to the gear and have less chances for side effects

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    do the dbol with test e at 4 or 500mg a wk

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