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    Follow up to "Newbie needs straight up advice"

    Hey all. I posted this question last week and got some great feedback but most people said they needed to know my dosgae before they could help me.
    Here's my stats:
    33 yrs, 6'3, 196 lbs, been working out nearly 10 years. I want to put on around 25 pounds or so.

    I got the following from an HRT clinic:
    1 10 ml vial of DECA at 300 mg/ml and 1 10 ml vial of Test Cyp at 200 mg/ml. I am told to take 1-2 ml of DECA a week and 2 ml of Test per week. He also said I should take the test every 3-4 days instead of once a week. He said this is a 10 week cycle roughly.

    Does this sound decent to everyone. The HRT clinic has really been less than helpful on medical advice.

    Should I continue taking other supps such as creatine, glutamine, etc?

    Will this stack make me hungrier because I have a hard time eating a lot but I know I'll need to. What sort of caloric intake should I be looking at and is it ok to use protein/weight gain powder for some calories?

    What time of day is best to inject, or does it matter.

    Sorry if I'm asking questions that have already been answered, buty I am still going through the days and days of info on this site.

    I will take my first injection tomorrow.

    Thank you all a million.

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    U will not have enough of either
    for a 10wk supply @ 2cc/wk cyp
    if U only have 1 10ml vial of each.
    By those doses, U would be taking
    400 test a week, and 300-600 of Deca .
    I know for sure, U dont want more Deca
    than Test per wk. So keep that lower...

    I learned alot in the diet forum. Ghosted there
    for months reading, then I came here, to really
    learn what I needed to....LOL

    So, I'll stop my advice there, for I am still learning

    I'll bump this for U for more solid advice

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    you dont have enough test for ANY cycle, get more, at least 2 more 10 ml bottles of test C

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    Quote Originally Posted by CrispyHaole
    you dont have enough test for ANY cycle, get more, at least 2 more 10 ml bottles of test C
    I have only half of my cycle. After 5 weeks I get another 5 weeks sent to me.

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    I live in awe of myself
    It sounds like they just want to sell their product and dont care about their patient. If I were you I would not start yet and do a little more research on the subject. Also, keep asking questions here. Good luck bro.

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    First off, I wouldn't risk geting deca dick by taking it longer than
    8 weeks, other start like 300mg for 1 week then go thru weeks
    2-6 @ 450 which would be 1.5CC of that the go 300 of Deca
    for the weeks 7-8, then PCT. Bro geting 25lbs with this would be
    kinda difficult if you don't get protein enough and some good calories
    from carbo. About injections time it doesn't matter but I personally
    shot after I have done my workouts more precisely at night before
    bed, sometimes when I shot winny or something else in the biceps
    I go straightly to bed and the next day they have another look
    well this is just my way of injecting, I don't care injecting in the
    morning though.

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