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    Question How should I start.

    I am posting this thread for a friend. He is 5'10" 200 pounds. He is currently on a rugby team and would liek to increase his athletic ability. He goes to the gym and works out regularly, but would obviously like to increase his strength a little more than his regular workout is doing for him. He is mostly looking for leg strength and has tried and is open to steriod use. What should he start his cycle with? I was going to suggest Winstrol and maybe some Clenbuterol . What type of cycle should he start with? What type of an excersize program would be good? I didnt want to suggest much because I have a totally different workout because I am a female. If anyone could help me out let me know.


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    just my .O2 winstrol would be a good choice and tren enanthate would be an excellent choice but he would have to monitor is blood pressue. winstrol from what I herd it good for increasing speed.. I would run some test prop or even alow dose cycle of test enanthate of 250mg/week on top of the var and winstrol.

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