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Thread: Primo depo

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    Primo depo

    I'm getting some primo next month and I was wondering if it will help me loose the water I gained from the sus?? I am also using deca with it an the sus right mow ,Thanks for any info!!I'm going to use 200mg primo for 4-6 weeks

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    Next time you take Sus or any other kind of Test you should use Armidex throughout your cycle. That will reduce the bloat you get from test.
    The Primo won't really take the bloat down. But the bloat will go down least it should...


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    primo duilds muscle, nothing else. it doesn't cut fat or water. anti estrogens will make you lose water if the water came from estrogen...

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    liquidex and arimadex would be the best to get rid of the water retention, and as for the primo, i have read that it takes a shitload (600-800mg) to really do anything, and it is very expensive compared to its somewhat similar competitors like deca and EQ.

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