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    Shouldnt I be shutdown?

    I'm 12 days off of my 12 weeks test e cycle and about to start clomid in a couple days. My question is, I'm still very horny and still blowin big ass loads, shouldnt I be pretty shutdown right now? The boys are still small, but my sex drive hasnt changed.

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    Now look what you've done, you've jinxed it bro, now you're going to wake up in the morning with a limp noodle and all the viagra in the world isn't going to bring him back to life lol j/k, thats pretty normal though, HRT patients only get injections every 2nd week in most cases, thats what test e was really meant for.

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    Shutdown is all subjective... some people get it bad, others get it moderate, others not at all.

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    Test might still be in your system. And just cause you're horny doesn't mean you aren't shut down.

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    test is still in ur system. u prolly wont feel the shutdown with your libido until like 2-3 weeks into ur pct..well thats how my body reacts anyway.

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