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    Crossed over to the Dark Side

    Well, it's offical.... I bought my gear and took my first couple AMPs today. I got a 8 Week Cycle Planed, thx to your guy's help, I think I got a good cycle planned.

    Week1:Sust 500mg / 600mg Deca
    Week2:Sust 500mg / 600mg Deca
    Week3:Sust 500mg / 400mg Deca
    Week4:Sust 500mg / 400mg Deca
    Week5:Sust 250mg / 400mg Deca
    Week6:Sust 250mg / 400mg Deca
    Week7:Sust 250mg / 400mg Deca
    Week8:Sust 250mg / 400mg Deca

    Pretty Simple. Got all the anti e's and Clomid. I only got 20 tabs of Clomid, think that's enough for this cycle?

    This is my first cycle. Right now Im about 195, 5'11. Been training for past 2 years. Went through major growth spurt when I first started (about 35 pounds in 5 months worth) and it's sort of plateaued since then.

    Also - any thoughts to side effects from this cycle? This a major Acne type cycle or what?

    Let me know what you guys think

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    Not bad... I'd keep the sustonon at 500mg for the whole 8 weeks... IMO sustanon is not all that effective at 250mg a week...

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    What buff said, and if you can get D-bol tomorrow get it and run it for 4 weeks @ 35mgs e/d.
    Keep the deca the way u have it..


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    Im just worried about the dbol crash

    From what I heard, its harsh. 2-4 pounds a week in gains, but u lose over 50% of that. Am I wrong?

    by the way, the dbol tabs Im looking are 25mg tabs. This mean I gotta chop it up to split it into 3-4 doses?


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    Looks like a good cycle bro. Why not extend the cycle to 10 weeks instead of front loading??? Why are you front loading???
    No flame, just curious bro.

    Ok, I looked closer and realized that's probaly all you have. I'd still extend it to 10 weeks though.


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    Awesome bro you will blow up! Virgin juicer welcome to the dark side. But if i were you i would just run 400mg of deca all the way. You dont need to go 600mg maybe next cycle.

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    Sustanon 500mg/ week through the whole cycle, injected 2X per week. If you only inject Sustanon once a week, the levels of testosterone in yourt blood will not be very even; the Propionate , Phenyl Propionate and Isocaproate esters are all short-acting esters...

    If you do decide to do the D-bol, why not get some 5mg Thai Anabols or Russian 5mg tabs? Or even 10mg tabs--there are a lot out there. I thin they are a lot easier to take over the course of a day. A few in the AM, some with lunch, dinner, at bed time--keep the blood leves nice and even! (D-bol has a real short half-life, like 4 hours....)

    Sure you might lose some weight mid-cycle when you stop the d-bol, but it's just water weight. Don't sweat it. (No pun intended!)

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