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    fina in the fridge?

    Are you suppoesed to keep Fina in the fridge? I clicked a link on a previous board that showed the veterinary finaplix -H and said it needs to be refrigerated? Mine has been at room temperature for weeks and I just took my first shot today. Is everything good still?

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    it's the pellets that are usually kept cool. i'm not sure if they still do, but VA used to ship them with a cold pack

    as for the actual "concotion", just keep it room temperature like you would any other juice

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    I BELIEVE the reason for keeping the finaplix refrigerated is because the pellets can melt or break down under high heat, which could foul up the gun or cause a bad implantation. Not really a big issue unless you are actually going to use the implant gun. Er, ouch.

    Once you have the pellets out of the cart, it really doesn't matter if you refrigerate or not. You could refrigerate, sure, but it really doesn't matter.

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    some pellet manufacturers recommend storing in a cool dark place others in a fridge.

    i agree with KEYMASTER (incase he barrs me !) i don't honestly think once converted to an injectable refridgeration is necessary,i would store as with anything illegal in a very safe place preferably in someone else house.(cool dark place)

    the fact i am certainly cool and relatively dark(from over exposure to sunbeds) i am prepared to offer free of charge my GLUTEUS MAXIMUS (only my left one however as i right butt cheek is only for testosterone propionate )

    send it express delivery for immediate storage !

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