1st cycle was test enanth and eq for 12wks. Gained 90% of my mass in the first 6wks, so I've decided on a short cycle this time geared towards lean mass, possibly a bit of cutting depending on how I diet. Main side effect I had last time was high bp - I now have Lisinopril to combat that.

So my plan for now is ~37.5mg tren ace and 75mg prop ED, for 4-6wks depending on how I feel. I'll get clomid and nolva for PCT, probably a 100mg/10days-50mg/10days w/ the clomid like I did last time and it worked well. I have some HCG - I might take ~250IU every few days during the cycle. I have Nizoral 2% for hair loss prevention that works well for me. Vitamin B12 helps my acne. I also like to take liver and prostate protection tablets when I'm on.

Anything else I should have on hand? For estrogen, progestin, etc? I have naturally-occurring gyno on one side, I need to be sure that it does not increase. It's a bit difficult to tell if I'm having gyno sides since I already have it.