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    Lightbulb steroids and novacaine?

    Whats up guys! This is probably a stupid question but I was wondering if novacaine has any adverse effects whatsoever while on a cycle. At the end of the week I have to get a cavity filled (I hate flossing ) and I will be in the 4th week of my cycle. My cycle BTW is Test Enanthate 12 weeks at 500mgs/wk with 10mgs nolva every day and 0.25mgs liquidex every day. If any members, vets, or MODS have any information or personal experiences regarding effects of novacaine while on a cycle, let me know. As I said, its probably a stupid question but, hey, you can never be too careful. Thanks in advance guys. I gotta go now. TIME TO EAT!!!!

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    you're fine.....

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    yea ive had fillings done while on cycle. my face feels awful if im bloated though. bloated/numb is the worst....

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    Some guys use preparations containing novocaine to train through injury ect while on gear. They dont seem to have any problems apart from its pretty stupid to train through injury!!

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