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    winny effects in 2 weeks

    My rat is taking 50mg/ed oral winny capsules. The capsules are from a UG lab. Their is some choc protien powder also in the capsule to fill it, I was doubtful so I contacted my source and questioned this. He guaranteed a refund if after 2 weeks my rat does not like the product. Are 2 weeks long enough to see if the product is legit. What should my rat see or feel within 2 weeks to know they are real winny? is it sommon to have the capsule filled with protien as a filler since the winny itself cannnot fill the large capsule?

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    must have hush or cyber-
    why in the hell are you giving your rat winny?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cdogge
    why in the hell are you giving your rat winny?
    hes not.

    yes im sure its legit. I use B-5 powder to fill the cap. Of course the winny powder cannot fill the whole cap itself. To put it in comparision, for each cap I put 605mg of b-5 and only 25mg of winny in it. So theres 12 times more b-5 in it then winny. Hope this eases your mind

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