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    Question about the info in anbolics 2005....

    Is anabolics 2005 a good guide to learn about steroids 'in general' can it be applied to any sport or goals you aiming for, for ex, from the info could a MMA fighter learn whats best to use and avoid, allot of articles you read are mainly coming from bodybuilding perspectives.

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    I'll be honest and say that it's mostly written for the physique basically tells you how your body works, as relates to steroids , and then describes how each one works. There's some comments in the book about which steroids or compounds will give you a "tighter" physique or a more "quality" look to your muscles.

    Unfortunately there's very little comment in the book on (for example) how tren will hurt your cardiovascular ability, or anything like that, which would be of particular interest to athletes.

    It's my suspicion that the author just isn't interested in anabolics for athletics as opposed to bodybuilding, and doesn't have alot of personal experience with using steroids as opposed to writing about them.

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