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    choices of gear what to stack??

    i have said for a long time that i was going to start a cycle and was almost to begin and suffered an ankle/knee injury which kept me outta the gym for a couple months. I'm back into it now, almost back to pristine condition--90% probably, and i figure its time to finally cycle. I have access to plenty of sust, winny, deca , dbol , and, EQ. What would be a good cycle for a first timer who is looking for moderate strength and size gains with as little water retention as possible. I know EQ/winny sounds like a solid combo to acieve those goals, but I keep hearing the "every cycle needs test" myth on this board, plus i can use all this other gear. Would stacking 500 mg/wk sust with the eq winny combo be a good idea, or am i looking at a lot more water retention with not much more gains? What are your opinions??? and yes i have nolva and clomid and serious diet planned

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    I know how it is, your looking at a list of a bunch of compounds and feel like a kid in the candy want them all! But for a 1st cycle you need to stick to just test to see how your body reacts to it so you know for future cycles. Some ppl hold lots of water, some ppl hold very little. Stick to test E 500mg pw for 12 weeks, keep nolva on hand and have your pct ready. luck.

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    bro if this is your first cycle then just take 500mg test wk. see how you react to a 10-12 wk cycle then later you can add some of those other products to a cycle. you just want to get the feel for it not go gung-ho

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    I dont think its a myth about including test, its just advice from people who have done cycles and found out that leaving test out sometimes produces more negative side effects than including it. The myth is that test will make you bloat up like a baloon and turn you into a maniac. Used with the right ancillaries and at the right dose test is a great compound to use as a base for your cycle. If this is your first stack why not just use test. Test E or C would be good as Sus requires EOD injections and you have to split the ammounts in the amps ect. If I could turn back the clock I would do a 12 week Test E cycle at 250mg per week for first cycle with 10mg per day of nolvadex throughout. Follow up with the correct PCT. Why not wait until you are 100% first though.

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    First cycle, test-only, 250 to 500mg for 10 weeks or so. You will love it, and you will get great results. Enanth or cyp, either one, will do you good. You could jumpstart with suspension if you like, 50mg/ED for 3 weeks, something like that. Jumpstarting is not necessary and will only marginally affect the end results... it just feels good to feel the gear earlier in the cycle.

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    Agreed, test at 250-500mg per week would be an excellent first cycle.

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