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    Red face Don't Wanna Grow Breasts.....

    Okay, first off.....dont wanna grow breasts.....

    I am trying to decide what I'm going to use during my next cycle of test-e @ 500mg/week for 12 weeks. I am slightly prone to gyno so I wanna use something during my cycle. I was going to start with letro for the first 8 or 10 weeks, then switch to nolva for the last 2 weeks and keep on nolva for my PCT and add clomid. But I have heard that letro kills sex drive...not wanting that. So would anyone reccomend taking something like anastrozole (arimidex ) or aromasin instead of letro?

    I have done lots of reading, but I haven't been able to come up with any conclusive answers (I understand everyone's experiences are different, and we need to try different thing to find out what works for us, but I dont wanna **** around with gyno or any sides, so I want to get some experienced advice).

    I would also rather buy one anti-e rather than two if I can and still keep safe, if not I'll buy 2. Anyways, I'm gonna get clomid for sure (PCT), and prolly nolva as well (PCT and possibly during cycle), but should I also get something to take during my cycle as well since I am prone to gyno? That's the reason I was gonna take letro.

    Any comment would be greatly appreciated.
    Hope everyone was able to follow my crazy rant.


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    take some arimidex at .25mg-.5mg ed along with 10mg-20mg ed of nolva. run it entire cycle and through pct bro.

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    gyno is nobody's friend = take your anti e's people

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