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Thread: Oasis Question

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    Oasis Question

    Can anyone on the board share their experiences with Oasis? Start to finish how long did process take until you got the products? What were the prices? Any hidden costs? I am interested in a twelve week combination test/hgh cycle. Possibly with some Deca as well. Thanks in advance.

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    Is Oasis for real ?
    Theres a start.

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    you need blood work & have to qualify for test replacement.

    they dont just hand it out.

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    Oasis is great. With testing, their process will take a week or more. But you can only get the prescription if you have a legit medical need, which is determined by the results of your blood work.

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    if you want to get a prescription from Oasis you can but the does will not be that high, say you just finsihed a cycle you tsetosterone levels are very low if you even have any so if you where to get a testosterone test to check you levels they would see that your body is not producig enough test and therefore you would be eligable to revive products from them legally

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    Hey Habanero check yours PM's in the next couple minutes.

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