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Thread: Letro question

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    Letro question

    How much Letro and Tamoxifen should I take during cycle?I am on week 6 of 12 test e 500 mg a week.I jump started this cycle with anadrol @ 50 mg a day for 10 days.I also started winstrol depot 2 weeks ago and will be on it for a totaL OF 6 WEEKS.i HAVE LOTS OF CLOMID FOR AFTER the cycle.

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    during cycle i take 10mg tamox ed & letro 1.25mg e3d...
    letro is very strong and also not that great for you, so try to run as little as possible without underdosing it. im running it e3d's and had no problems with bloating, its strong like that...but also letro reduces the potency of the tamox on days taken together...the tamox will still be working just to a lesser degree

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