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Thread: Expired Clen!!

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    Apr 2005

    Exclamation Expired Clen!!

    I have some clen that expired Feb/05. But my question is how much of the potency has been gone my know? I just started a six weeks cycle with two weeks on and two weeks off. I started with 40 mcg,80mcg,120mcg,160,mcg and now Iam taking 200mcg and don't feel any side effects,the only side effect that i get is heartburns. I don't know is that is normal. I taken this clen before it expired and i could feel the side effects at 120mcg. I still have around 200 tabs so I dont know if I should keep taking them or throw them in the garbage. I would appreciate if somebody can give me there opinion.

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    if you truely are on (10 by 20mcg tabs) and not experiencing shakes etc and you have prior experience of clen sides from a previous lower dosed cycle i would BIN THEM!

    i personally thought that although they were expired they may still be used and although they may have lost some potency increasing by 1-2 tabs per day would have been sufficient to get the desired results.

    i am the sort of person who leaves milk at room temperature for 2 weeks past its sell by date(i live in Texas) and still use it.
    other than the taste the vomiting and diarrhoea i experience immediately after using it it has never put me off!

    (before anyone asks yes i am kidding!)

    by the way lazy99 where and how did you store them?

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    Wow...200 mcg is as alot w/ feeling
    no sides. I personallly run 120 mcg ED
    anything higher 4 me, is a waste, not to
    mention very

    I was under the impression that
    if tablet form, and a couple months after
    expiration would be ok, they just dont
    go "bad"..... Like toc67guru said, if you took
    less in the past, and noticed that...mabye they
    did loose potency..dont know how, but @ that would feel something besides heartburn....IMO

    Hope this helps someway, 200 pills is alot to toss
    Store stuff well. Cool, dry, dark place. Like a closet.
    I use a lockbox, in a

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