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    Question Cycle Help PLEASE

    Hi, Can someone give me an example of a 8 week sus/deca stack. Ive used roids before but i would like a stack off a pro. Thanks. And 1 more question: How long do i leave it from my last injection till i can start another cycle? THANKYOU

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    I,m not a pro and i don,t have AAS exp but an 8 week stack will look like this

    Deca wk1-8 400mg
    Sust wk 1-8 500mg
    Clomid post cycle

    This will will help you build mass This is a very basic cycle.

    Normally the same amount of time on a cycle is taken off but
    it varies on what you want to achieve but I doubt if most people do 2 or more a year and they are very committed and serious about BB


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    The cycle he showed you looks good. If you are set on deca sust then that is the way to run it. Time on is time off, if you do an eight week cycle wait atleast 8-10 weeks before another one. What are your goals and how much experience do you have?


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    Hi. Thanks for replying. Ive used for about 2 years on and off. In that time ive used D.bol , test, Anadrol , deca , sust. The anadrol and dbol made me aggresive and i took alot out on my family so ive decided to take deca/sust and try to build mass off that, unless there are other roids that will make me less aggresive.
    I also fucked up my sex drive which hasnt fully come back yet. I used clomid after a cycle. I was hoping that a sust deca stack will bring it back aswell as build mass. THANKYOU

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    The original jason Guest
    well bro sust will definately bring back your sex drive!!! sounds like you have a good plan go with what the guys told u weeks 1-8 and clomid about 10 days after your last shot for 3 weeks 50/100/50 mg ed you might want to find out about tribulus and try some of that post cycle along with the clomid it might help returning your sex drive other than that you might want to wait a while then get your natural levels checked out andd go from there


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    First off i can tell you now you are nto ready for this cycle but this woudl be just and example of pro cycle...NOT INCLUDEING GH AND SLIN

    week 1-5 a bombs 150-250mg ed
    weeks 5-12 dbol 150-250 mg ed
    weeks1-5 test susp 300-400 mg ed
    weeks 1-10 sus about 500mg eod
    deca -1000-1600 a week
    winny 300-500 mg ed

    not all in that order but that about the amount they we aint talking about the 20 som IU's of gh a day along with slin...but that woudl be like a small cycle for a prop

    however you can get away with 400 mg of deca a week 500 mg of test a week....

    RULE OF THUMB....take as much time off a cycle as you were on the cycle....

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