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    Mass workout while on AS

    Funny, back in the eighties it was said the greats like Arnold and Lou could workout like demons for 3 hours a day seven days a week and be fine because they were on gear and could recoup much faster. I guess that's not the case. I want to bulk up on my first cycle of test and deca . Been working out 10 years and the classics have always done me right, but how would you guys recommend a split-up. How many excercises per bodypart? How many compounds per bodypart? I am an ectomorph and hardgainer. Here's what I was thinking:
    Day one: Chest and shoulders( Presss, Incline Press, Flyes..lateral raise, military press)
    Day two: Legs (squat, deads, leg press)
    Day three: off
    Day four: Back (pull-ups, dumbell rows, pullovers)
    Day five: off
    day six: arms: Barbell curl, incline curl, skull krushers, narrow grip press)
    Day seven: off

    3-4 sets per excercise at 4-8 reps

    I just don't want to under/overtrain and I want to make the very best on my gear. This s#&@'s expensive!! THANKS!!!

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    What most people dont realize is that most workout plans are effective, just not optimal. Arnold and Lou definitely did get results, so dont think that there arent merits to what they did in the gym.


    So you're workout plan looks fine. While you're bulking i recommend you do stay in the low rep range (i like 4-6) pushing yourself to failure. Your workout is without doubt a huge part of your growth, but really focus on diet also. Go for 2.5 grams of protein per pound (you're going to be farting alot), intelligent use of carbohydrates (PWO and PPWO especially!) and you should be set. It's a bit hard to give advice because everyone is different. You're going to need to figure out what routine works best for you.

    Luckily im sure plenty of people are going to post what they like so you'll have something to refer to if growth stops.

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    Thanks bro

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    I like to do 3-4 exercises per muscle group, Once a week. The key is to get the recouping factors in. You want your muscles to recoup as fast and efficient as possible, that is why workouts are different for everyone.

    Your workout style is dependant on your goals, ie mass, heavy with low reps, cut, low weight with high reps. Change up your style every month or so if you see a body part lagging..

    Train hard and with intensity..

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