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    First cycle questions

    Hey everyone,Im getting ready to start my first cycle and im wanting some opinions. Ive been researching alot for about 6 months now and I have everything needed. PCT wise clomid,nolva,proviron . Just wanting to know which to use or if not both. I have a 10 week supply of sust 250 and deca 300. But dont know which to go with or if not both. My stats are 5'11 200lbs around 9-10%BF benching 305x4 squating 345x8. Never done ASS and ready to make the step. any advice would be great...

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    i would do the sust and deca together...or you could save the deca for your next cycle but you would have to get some more test

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    not raggin on u but if u've been researchin for 6 month u would know that u shouldnt use sust as ur first test. so u should run it like this
    sust. 500mg/wk 1-12 shot eod. that will be hard to do cause its 250
    if u dedide to run deca also which is not necassary for first cycle.
    400mg/wk 1-11 shot 2 weekly
    pct is clomid and nolva

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    I would just Go with the Test at first but not sus maybe TestE or prop. T

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