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Thread: first injection

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    first injection

    after I pulled the needle out blood started coming out. did I hit a vein? not a whole lot. had a real hard time of getting air bubbles out

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    blood is normal to come out. but to know if u hit a vein, once u stick yourself, pull back on the syringe to see if any blood is in the barrel. if not u r good to go. where r u sticking yourself. read up on the proper procedure on how to inject on the main page. u have to read it a few times to get the picture. i shoot in the thigh. to help w/ blood from shooting out when u pull out, i hold a cotton ball by the pin, apply some pressure & then pull out. hope this helps.
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    you didn't necessarily hit a vein, when you think about it, you just gave yourself a puncture wound. bleeding is normal. Sometimes you do hit veins and lots of blood comes out, still no big deal. If you like you can follow this method of injecting: lets say you're injecting your glute. With one hand pull the skin to one side, then give yourself the injection, once you pull the pin out let go of the skin. This will create a barrier at the top of the skin and you won't bleed -as much-.

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