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    Critique my next cycle...

    Anyone want to take a look at the next cycle I plan on running and give me some suggestions?

    wk 1-12 test e 500 mg e4d
    wk 6-12 tren a 75 mg ed
    wk 4-9 IGF-1 40 mcg pwo
    wk 12-14 test prop???

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    doesn't look too bad...i would move IGF to start after your test injection and run through PCT. also extend your tren to go with the prop.

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    i would up the test E to 750 a week, and drop the prop, i really do not understand why it is there, if you ran the igf 4-9, you could run the igf again during your pct, if you planned it out right, with time on = time off, plus, if you are knowledgeable with igf, you might look in to runnning slin after the igf, while you are still on cycle, if that is some thing you are willing to venture into. but all in all, i would love to do that cycle

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