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    deca color question

    bros, i got 3 vials of deca , british dragon. All labels and seals are in tact and it matches the pics on bd's web site perfectly.
    however, 1 of the vials appears to have a darker liquid than the other two. Why would one of the liquids be darker than the other two? Anyone have any idea on this?

    Also, one of the vials appears to have more liquid in it than the others. I got 5 vials total, 2 test, 3 deca, and one of the deca vials is a little more full than the others, is this normal? Are all vials supposed to have the exact amount of liquid in them? is it ok for some to be a little off?

    my source is a legit BD supplier, im just being a little paranoid about this, what do u guys think.

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    bd has problems with filling the bottles to a even point. much like that problems picked a freakin label. from what i hear they have changed oil's. last time i bought the deca i had the same thing and questions as you did. so i asked someone who is very respected on another board and that is what he told me. o mine said decabol 250 on it and not decabol with "r" on it. if yours is the newer version the vial stoper should be green with the bd dragon on it.

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