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    prop, tren, winny

    I'm planning on doing this cycle

    Orbitz prop 100mg eod week1-12
    tren 75mg eod week1-8
    winny 50mg ed week 8-12

    what do you think?? do you think i can lower bf% from 11-12 and gain some lean muscle with proper diet. i've dieted down to 165 from 200. also lknow what a clean diet consists of but approx how much calories total shoud be consumed or how do i figure it out. right know i consume 2000-2500.

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    of course it can be done. i'm doing it right now. loosing fat while weight has gone up a bit and strength is up a lot. i'm doing the same thing you want to. and whoever says that enanthates can't be used for cutting are full of crap!

    400mg/wk test enan
    300mg/wk tren enan
    60mgED Var

    i definitely prefer var over winny. winny killed my joints at 50mgED orally. you're a little lighter than me, i'm 180, but i shoot for 2500 calories a day with 300g's of protein. i do cardio 5 days a week for 30min at 70%THR

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    thanks bro for the info. that's the best reply i have had!!!!!

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