39 5'10" 32"w 171 today (183 peak)
11.6% bf measured calipers (18% 2 years ago)


2 cycles of prohormones: 1-AD and M1T 6-0x0 pct

2 cycles of Gear:

5 weeks of Test Prop 100mg/cc(Bad batch..had to quit early) 6-0x0 pct

3 month break

8 week cycle of Test Ethanate *loved it* 6-oxo and nolva pct

8 weeks off (and shrinking!)

Getting ready to do Test Ethanate @ 200mg/cc twice/week

Question 1:

Do I admit to my Dr. that I've tried gear and getting ready to start another cycle and ask for him to do a baseline on my Fasting sugar/choles. Cardiac enzymes, serum testosterone , etc?

Question 2:

Do I just ask him to do the bloodwork and not admit I'm getting ready to re-start a cycle?

Question 3:

I'm doing a series of cycles of 8weeks on and 8 weeks off. What's everyone's opinion of this>?