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    Clens Vs Winny Tabs

    I am debating on a clen /t3 stack or a cycle of winny tabs. i am not overweight but need to loose by belly as soon as possible. my diet is clean, cardio and lifting everday, and im joinin a kickboxing class. which cycle is stronger and more effective?

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    if your dieting correctly then it should be a problem. If I was to go with the wo i would say a clen would be fine alone. No need for winny since it is just going to mess with your hormones and the t-3 will just run a risk of burning muscle and that is like taking 10 steps back instead of one step foward IMO

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    Well I say diet is the key.... ya might be eating clean but is your macro's right, calories right? If all that is in good shape along with your workouts and cardio than I say go with the clen ...

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    clen for sure

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