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Thread: 1st TIME Q/A

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    1st TIME Q/A

    Sup all, i've been reading a couple different forums for about 4-5 days now. My friend wants me to do a cycle with him, but he doesnt know exactly what hes getting, and what hes doing. So I want to know all the info I can get before I do anything stupid.. Anyway, I'm 17 yrs old prior training isnt very much, about 5 months with my step dad(personal trainer).

    I'm 5'10 150lbs ..

    I'm looking to lose FAT at the same time Cut up with high rep workouts.

    I was thinking my first cycle something like

    TEST-E 400mg/D-bol 30mg/Nolva/Vitamin b-6 (from the website novice cycle).
    Post treatment with Clomid.

    I just have a few questions... everyone tells me that I will get craters in my back/face, get acne breakouts. Is this true? any way I can prevent that? I do not have oily skin at all And I have never had that many pimples throughout my growth spurts.

    Should I take Deca instead of Dbol ? The deca dick thing scares the f*** out of me considering I live in Orlando and theres girls everywhere.

    also any dieting tips? foods to eat (turkey breast etc)

    thanks for the help guys.

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    too young... i didn't even finish reading the rest of your thread... take 5-6 years to eat like a madman and stay away from the AS.... you will only hurt yourself.

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    okay... i had to read the rest... just simply read the stickies and learn a proper diet. A guy your size does NOT need AS.... it won't do sh1t for you because clearly your diet is garbage... do some research!

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    I am afraid you are to young to be on the board.

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