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    finasteride experience....?

    What does do you guys run to protect your hairline....?

    Has it really hindered gains...?

    How soon before your cycle do you start it....?

    I have heard 1mg per day.

    A little if at all.

    About 1 month before the start.

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    on finasteride, 1.6mg/day for a little over a month with 1g test/week. don't know if its hindered gains but i know my hair is still fallin out. some guys say it takes up to six months for it to work if it works...?

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    While on 500mg Test E, my hairline was being cut back.
    Though, within 7 days of being on Finasteride, no itchy scalp and only a hair here and there fall out.
    I'm assuming in another week or so the balding should be completely stopped.

    Now, yes it does take atleast 3 months for the drug to incite the regrowth of lost hair.

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