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Thread: Vacation?

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    Thumbs down Vacation?

    I am currently running and i am about to start week 5 of 12
    sust 125mg eod
    hgh 4 ius 5 on 2 off

    i have a week vacation planned in the begining of June that is right in the middle of my cycle. I dont think it would be good to try to stop now. So what should i do just take a couple of days off lifting and just bring my stuff with me and then just continue as soon as i get back? DO u think this will really effect my body. Another bad thing is im probally going to be drinking also?? Man i wish i would have thought about this vacation before!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mike88
    Man i wish i would have thought about this vacation before!
    Should have planned ahead and started once you got back.

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    if you don't want to stop then take your gear with you and continue and then hit the gym hard when you get back. as for the drinking i wouldn't over do it since you are in the middle of the cycle. the prop in the sus will stop effectiveness but there are longer esters in the sus that will keep working. i guess it's your personal decision.

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