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    would deca be right for me

    this will be my 2nd cycle

    1st was 250/week test e and 25mgs/day dbol and gained 15 pounds and keepin most of all of it

    i am a skinny f---er but can lift serious weight for my size. 150lbs 5'11 and 5.5% bf

    i will probably get sust250/week and 300deca/week for next cycle but i am dont know if deca would bulk me up like i want. i have maddd definition but im lookin to gain size.

    should i mix the sust with deca or would somethin else be better, no more orals for me though

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    dude, this situation seems to be redundant among many new members of if you search a little harder and put some more effort into your diet you won't need AS. You are too small for a guy whose 5'11 to even be considering AS. It is not a magic drug that will miraculously make you huge.... Food is a way better anabolic substance. Read the stickies and get your diet in check.

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    gotta agree with Justin.
    not what you want to hear,
    but its the truth.

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