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    ALready Gaining.

    Now I know that Im not gonna keep this weight on, but I started a cycle of this shit super - test 250 and depo - test 200, I've also been takin two scoops of super pump 250 every workout day. I've put on 7 pounds in 4 days, injected sun. night and worked out monday - thur (today). anyone experience any gains like this one with this or other combos of cycles?

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    Water retention, if you want to get rid of it increase your Nolva to 20mg /ED or use letro and you'll find it will disappear as fast as it came.

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    lol im not telling :D
    i f'n hate water retention i got some nice water retention from some NSAIDs and my blood pressure is through the roof ... started diuretics today ><

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    wow, ur getting a nice water retention - fast! get some ant e`s or soon u ll be called pool boy!

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