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    Arrow adding tren to my cycle????

    i'm currently on 600 mg of deca 800 mg of test and on going on to my sixth week.. thinking of throwing some tren about 150 a week for 8 weeks and of course running test two after i stop the tren and deca.....

    so ....
    test 16 weeks @ 800 per week
    deca 14 weeks @ 600 per week
    tren week 6 to week 14 @ 150 or 225 per week

    every 3.5 days, 400 test ,300 deca, 112.5 tren

    of course proper pct and novadex throughout....

    what do you think bros????

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    that is a really low tren dose
    are you gona use tren a or tren e or...

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    tren and deca in the same cycle? i dont think that would be a good idea prolactin levels will be high as shit.

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    I got some nice and what appear to be keepable gains from a Tren /Deca /Test Combo. If you are doing Tren E up it to 250mg.

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    its tren a or should i stop the deca start on eq and the tren??? i have it all just sitting around any advice????

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    You need more Tren or don't bother

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    Tren Ace. needs to be shot at least every other day(ED for more level blood levels). I am doing nearly the same cycle,(mine is: Test E, EQ) and I am going to add the Tren Ace, and Test Prop. on the 12 wk till week 20(total of 8wks of tren). Heres' what it looks like:

    1-11 Test E 600mg/wk
    1-18 EQ 600mg/wk
    12-21 Test Prop. 100mg/ed
    12-20 Tren Ace. 100mg/ed

    Personally I would switch to EQ a couple of wks before you start the tren.

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